Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MicroSmart All in One Type CPU of PLC

IDEC’s MicroSmart is a new family of micro PLC (programmable logic controller) available in two CPU modules styles, all in one and slim types. The all in one type CPU module has 10, 16, or 24 I/O terminals and equipped with a built in universal power supply to operate on 100 to 240V AC or 24V DC. The 24 I/O type CPU modules can expand the I/O points up to a total of 88 points using four 16-pont I/O modules. The slim type CPU module has 20 or 40 I/O terminals and operates on 24V DC. The total points can be expanded to a maximum of 264.

The MicroSmart User programs can be edited using WindLDR on a PC Windows. Since WindLDR can load existing user programs made for IDEC’s previous PLCs such as all FA series, OpenNet Controller, MICRO-1, MICRO3, and MICRO3C, your software asset can be used in the new control system.

The all in one type CPU modules program capacity is 4800 bytes 9600 steps) on the 10-I/O type CPU module, 15000 bytes on the 16-I/O type and 27000 bytes on the 24-I/O type. Slim type CPU modules have a program capacity of 27000 bytes or 31200 bytes. When using an optional 64Kb memory cartridge on slim type CPU modules, the program capacity can be expanded up to 64500 bytes.

An optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be install on any all in one type CPU module, and also on the HMI base module mounted next to any slim type CPU module. The HMI module makes it possible to manipulate the RAM in the CPU module without using the online options in WindLDR. The functions of HMI module include:
• Displaying timer or counter current values and changing timer or counter preset values.
• Displaying and changing the values of data register.
• Setting and resetting but operand statuses, such as internal relay, shift register bits, inputs and outputs.
• Displaying and clearing error data.
• Starting and stopping the PLC.
• Displaying and changing clock data or calendar.
• Confirming changed timer or counter preset values.

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