Thursday, January 6, 2011

SCADA Security Implementation in a Plant

Recommendations for implementing an intelligent supervisory system combining numerical and reasoning techniques in SCADA systems also been proposed. For instance, a knowledge based approach for the supervision of the deflocculating problem in activated sludge processes was considered and applied to a full scale plant in. the authors presented automated control and monitoring electric system, based on open modular controllers and a PC based visual human or machine interface and data acquisition system. The authors claimed that the intelligent SCADA platform provided economical and user friendly solutions to electric power facility management. The concept of Marcove reward model was applied in availability analysis of SCADA systems. This model can be applied during the evaluation the process that precedes deployment of master station units.

Some articles discussed SCADA in relation to its interface with other systems. For instance, in survey that addressed the problem of supply restoration following an outage I an electric distribution system, discussed SCADA interface briefly. To demonstrate the development of a Java based application that can be used for information exchange by market participants such as generator, network owner and market operators, a SCADA Laboratory Applications Program was implemented.

In other case studies, it was proposed architecture for the embedded devices that utilized GSM mobile phone network for communications. They suggested that this architecture allowed SCADA applications to be built utilizing shared network infrastructure to communicate with distributed devices. There are two wide area network architectures for a Taiwan Power Company’s regional distributed management systems were investigated. The goal of this study was to verify whether the hardware design could accommodate the communications load and save expenses on network equipments.

SACAD is typically used in gas, oil, power and water supply industries, some publications described use of SCADA in non traditional industries. They described the steps followed in a temperature controller and a supervisory controller implementing in a SCADA system to control a reactor in pharmaceutical factory.


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