Sunday, January 30, 2011

Single PLC of SERCOS FA-M3

Many companies have done the system development using SERCOS and have commercialized many SERCOS components. Only PC based controllers, including the SANMOTION SMS-10, SANMOTION SMS-15, and SANMOTION SMS-30 have been developed. These controllers are based on AML, the object oriented software motion descriptive language. In addition, Sanyo Denki has produced many SERCOS slave components, including the PQ-R, PQ-M, PE-W, PZ-W, and PV servo amplifiers, plus the SRU10D I/O unit.

Currently, a SERCOS controller was developed as a single Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) module for the Yokogawa Electric Works, Ltd. FA-M3 PLC. The Yokogawa FA-M3 PLC s a next generation of open architecture controller. It features advanced functionality in a slim form factor. However it is the I/O Opening feature that distinguishes the FA-M3 from conventional PLCs. This flexible I/O features allow us to develop new modules for the FA-M3 PLC. Usually, when external equipment that did not meet the PLC specifications was connected to a PLC, an external mastering unit was necessary. Because the FA-M3 allows customization for each module manufacturer, it is possible to connect the FA-M3 with external equipment without the mastering external unit.

The features of FA-M3 as following:
1. ultratech high speed operation
• Minimum scan time 200 u sec
• Ladder program scan time 20K step/1msec
• Sensor control function: high speed period 200u sec
• High speed input to output: input response time 10u sec
• High speed interruption response time: interruption response time 100u sec
2. Super small dimension
• 147 (width) X 100 (height) X 88 (depth) mm of size and 192 points of I/O
3. I/O range free
• Maximum 8192 points, device capacity 310K word range free
• More function realization than large size PLCs with the price of small medium size PLCs.
• 1000 ~ 2000 point class price ratio:1/2 ~ 1/3

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