Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Development and Functional Benefits of PAC

The characteristic that define a PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) also describe well the key advantages of deploying a PAC in an application of industry. These advantages include being able to independently meet complex requirements that PLC requires extra components to do and improve the controls system performance due to integrated tightly software and hardware.

The integrated software and hardware is also an advantage when programming: the IDE (integrated development environment) used to program a PAC includes a single tag name database shared by all development tools. PAC is using one software package to address existing and future automation needs, instead of using multiple software packages and utilities from various vendors.

Other Programmable Automation Controller benefit is how easily control systems can be upgraded. Modular processor hardware can be replaced with no need to trip out existing actuator and sensor wiring. A PAC also conserves valuable cabinet space due to its compact size.

PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) make production information available in or near real time with their modern networking and communication capabilities. This in turn makes the data collected more timely and accurate, and thus more valuable for business use.

PACs can offer multiple financial advantages. The overall cost of the control system is lowered because hardware is less expensive and less integration and development time is needed. Buying a PAC is often more affordable than augmenting a PLC to have similar capabilities. There is also an increased return on assets, lower total cost of ownership, and reduces lifecycle costs due to extending an automation systems range of applications.

At the end, cash flow is improved because of using PAC, the ability to add as separate modules means that just the minimum number of modules needed for initial development can be used during design and the remaining modules added toward the end of the project.

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