Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S5/S7 OPC Server

The S5/S7 OPC server gives you fast and convenient access to process data in S7-200, S7-311, S7-411 and WinAC controllers, in C7 and M7 units as well as in Pilz, S5, Saia-Burgess or VIPA controllers. The variables are addressed consistently using STEP7 resp. STEP5 semantics. You can use any OPC compliant client application to write and read all input and output data, markers, data blocks, timers and counters in the controllers. Up to 256 controllers can be simultaneously accessed. The program PLC does not need to be modified for communication with the S5/S7 OPC Server.

Access the controller is available via Ethernet of Profibus, USB or via serial communication without or with a modem. CPs from various manufacturers, Netlink PRO and gateways from Softing are supported for Ethernet communication. Appreciation need to be given to the intelligent grouping of write and read requests, the data throughput is optimized so efficiently that Softing’s S5/S7 OPC Server won the best in class award in a practice related performance comparison of seven S7 OPC servers from renowned manufacturers.

The name of OPC space is extremely quick to configure by importing symbolic names from STEP7 projects or Excel files. Existing projects can be exported from software applications like process visualization systems or process control systems to Excel, and are then loaded conveniently into the S5/S7 OPC server.

The OPC server provides a web server for diagnostics and process data visualization. This allows you to display the PLC states and data very quickly on remote or local PCs by simply using any standard web browser. Powerful remote access without DCOM, the Softing OPC Tunnel has already been integrated in the S5/S7 OPC server for safe. Using the OPC Tunnel eliminates the problems associated with DCOM configuration security settings and saves significant time and costs. It only takes few minutes to setup communication for network applications.


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