Friday, February 11, 2011

SIMATIC WinCC Version 6.0 Innovation

One of the particular impressive things about SIMATIC WinCC right from the start was on the one hand the high level of innovativeness, which makes it possible to recognize coming trends at an early stage and to implement them; in other word, the long term product strategy based on standards guarantees your investment.

WinCC has advanced to become the industrial standard and market leader in Europe. WinCC is the choice when you want to run machinery and plant on an optimum basis that is to say to increase productivity and availability.

There is no question that you will always get the benefit even if you already using WinCC V5 and decide to use WinCC V6 with your new project or machinery. Because the process visualization of version V6 is offering better performance, more flexible and efficient for your application and the future proof capability that you are familiar with due to the use of new standard:
• Increased performance and performance profiles significantly at process data archiving due to the new archive system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
• Long term data archiving integrated with high levels of data compression and integrated export function.
• Simple configuration of script runtime using VBscript.
• Individual customizing of the graphic designer through to configuration automation using Visual Basic for Applications
• The Report System has been innovated from the bottom up with greater openness and flexibility and easier configuration.
• Control and instrumentation technology options are integrated in the base system. • User friendly display technology with planning, decluttering, zooming.
• Web client can be deployed as equivalent operator stations, with integrated user management, access to user archives and a simple print function.
• Web server can be run on a WinCC client with access to the projects of all the lower level WinCC Servers.
• Easier validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for configuration.

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