Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SIMATICA of Siemens S7-200 Architecture

Simatica is a software tool that allows the design and development of domotics projects with, for instance, alarms, light control, Heater Controller, garden irrigation etc. most of these functions are in our businesses, houses and offices. Simatica V2.1 has been developed by the GENIA group and it is Siemens property.

Simatica generates automatically the control program for a CPU from the S7-200 PLC family of Siemens. The management of the whole system, once installed, is made with a text control panel TD-200, that has two character lines.

The installer of domotics first selects the functions to be controlled in the house with this program. The installer of domotics will select the most appropriate architecture, centralized, decentralized or hybrid, and the input/output addresses (an automatic addressing system is also possible). It is possible to obtain the program of control needed for controlling the house and for generating the messages that will appear in the panel, without writing a single line.

Control program
Simatica will generate automatically the control program for the elected CPU. You can choose among these CPUs: 214, 215, 216, 222, 224, and 226, that belong to the S7-200 Siemens PLC family.

Simatica allows centralized architecture, outputs and inputs connected to PLC inputs/outputs or to extended modules, decentralized (inputs/outputs connected to AS-I modules) and hybrid (mixture of centralized and decentralized). For hybrid and decentralized architectures, the software will use AS-I bus and the Siemens components needed.

Electrical schemes
Simatica generates the electrical schemes to carry out the domotics system installation. These schemes are available both on screen and on paper, there is an option for printing schemes.

Database management
This application allows the management of a data base of domotics components and distributors, and the automatic estimates generation. The installer can create, delete and modify components of the database.


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