Friday, March 25, 2011

DCS based Industrial Automation

A DCS is a system of controllers linked by a data network, as a single system in traditional industries. Functionality and physical location, or both separate these controllers. Typically the DCS is used in complex process applications where large amounts of I/O and data are required, such as oil refineries or chemical plants. They are well suited to batch processes and have an ability to handle complex timing and interlocks between operations. DCS are multitasking systems able to handle great common databases. A DCS is able for various control loops, using graphical representation of function blocks, and is easier to program than ladder logic-based PLCs. Scan rates can be more predictable than the PLCs. PLCs have scan rates dependent on the amount of I/O.

A DCS has redundancy, safety features, and even diagnostics built into its control philosophy to be more robust with less down time. The current system has the integrated system of hardware and software reduces engineering time, process simulation and advanced control applications are available and it can be designed for ease of future expansions.

Automation control can be applied to small or large processing plant such as chemical plants, waste water purifying plants, power plants etc in modern industries. Vehicle Spare Parts Manufacturing Plant is one of the manufacturing processes. The goal of this system is to produce qualified spare parts of automobile. Other processes are ignored.
Software Components of DCS
The same software types of components should be used for all the different DCS partitions. They are the following:
• A distributed SCADA or Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system
• Control applications using the supervisory control and data acquisition tools
• Interfaces to the front-end
• Interfaces to the external systems
• Non- supervisory control and data acquisition front-end control applications

The overall process is used to control by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system and Front End System such as Distributed Control System (DCS), in the vehicle spare parts manufacturing plant . It can control in various control system. But most of modern industries use DCS system because of reliability and security of the system. DCS system includes master station including server and client computers.


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