Thursday, March 31, 2011

Micrologix 1500 PLC Expansion I/O Modules

The Compact I/O of High-density Bulletin 1769 rackless expansion modules offer superior functionality and high value at a competitive price. With a variety of modules, they complement and extend the capabilities of the MicroLogix 1500 controller by maximizing flexibility of the I/O count and type. (Up to eight expansion Compact I/O modules can be connected to a MicroLogix 1500 controller.) Compact I/O provides an excellent platform for future enhancements, so you can easily choose the level of control as your application needs grow.

Compact I/O’s analog modules provide 14-bit plus sign maximum resolution, making them an excellent choice in applications where the need to detect small changes in the analog input is vital. Similarly, Compact I/O analog modules can be used in applications where accuracy is crucial. The modules share a high accuracy rating of ±0.35% of full-scale accuracy in the current mode. In the voltage mode, the 1769-IF4 provides ±0.2 and the 1769-OF2 ±0.5% of full-scale accuracy at 25°C.

• Modular system, allowing mixing modules to suit the application
• Feature-rich I/O functionality to address a wide range of applications
• Rackless design is eliminating added system costs and inventory
• Small footprint, shrinking panel space requirements
• Front insertion and removal, reducing assembly and replacement time
• Unique tongue-and-groove interlocking case design, ensuring a strong, mechanical connection between modules
• Integral high-performance I/O bus
• Software keying, preventing incorrect positioning within the system
• Analog I/O, AC/DC relay, 24V dc, and 120/240V ac voltages

Currently available modules include:
1769-IA16 16-point 120V AC Input Module
1769-IA8I 8-point Isolated 120V AC Input Module Individually
1769-OA8 8-point 120/240V AC Output Module
1769-IM12 12-point 240V AC Input Module
1769-IQ16 16-point 24V DC Sinking/Sourcing Input Module
1769-OB16 16-point 24V DC Sourcing Output Module
1769-OV16 16-point 24V DC Sinking Output Module
1769-OW8 8-point AC/DC Relay Output Module
1769-OW8I 8-point Isolated AC/DC Relay Output Module Individually
1769-IQ6XOW4 Combination 6-point dc Input and 4-point Relay Output Module
1769-IF4 4-channel analog current/voltage Input Module
1769-OF2 2-channel analog current/voltage Output Module


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