Thursday, March 3, 2011

National Instruments PACs

PXI is a multi-vendor industry of standard PAC based on the CompactPCI architecture that offers a compact, modular, and rugged industrial system. A PXI system is controlled by a controller of embedded with a high -performance multi-GHz processor. You can choose modules from third-party or PXI National Instruments and CompactPCI vendors. PXI offers the widest range of I/O including high-density digital I/O, 1000 V isolated Analog Input, analog and digital frame grabbers for machine vision, and coordinated multi-axis motion. It provides access easily to cabling with connectors on the front of PXI modules. The PXI platform offers a measurement modules broad range, and connectivity to field devices using RS-232, RS-485, CAN, DeviceNET, Modbus, and Foundation Fieldbus.

The Compact FieldPoint product line contains of hot-swappable analog and digital I/O modules and controllers with Ethernet and serial interfaces. I/O modules provide direct connectivity with thermocouples, strain gauges, 4-20 mA sensors, and RTDs, 5-30 VDC and 0-250 VAC signals. Compact FieldPoint network communication interfaces publish measurements automatically through an Ethernet network. You can access I/O points nearby or miles away using the same simple read/write software framework on the network. Compact FieldPoint is quick to setup and program with a simple software interface, but provides enough power to perform data logging, complex control, and communications.

The Compact Vision System combines a high performance Intel processor with a digital I/O, FPGA, and three 1394 ports. This PAC is designed to incorporate into control applications vision through the use of FireWire technology, compatible with more than 80 industrial cameras. You also get low-channel digital and stepper motor control with a reconfigurable FPGA and digital I/O lines on the CVS. The system can be configured for both high performance vision and high speed digital control and stepper motor control when programmed with LabVIEW.

CompactRIO is an FPGA based acquisition system and reconfigurable control designed for applications that require a high degree of customization and high speed control. The architecture combines a real-time embedded processor for custom calculations and complex algorithms with a reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA core.

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