Friday, April 1, 2011

1761-NET-DNI DeviceNet Interface Module

The Micrologix 1500 Programmable Controller list of impressive hardware, memory, and processing features makes this family of controllers an ideal choice for mid-sized applications. In addition with the 1761-NET-DNI DeviceNet Interface and 1761-NET-AIC Advanced Interface Converter (AIC+), you can connect MicroLogix Programmable Controllers to DH485 and DeviceNet networks.

1761-NET-DNI DeviceNet Interface Module
Highlights of the DeviceNet Interface’s capabilities are:
• Messaging peer-to-peer between Allen-Bradley controllers and other devices using the DF1 Full-Duplex protocol
• Programming and online monitoring over the network of DeviceNet
• With a DNI connected to modem, you can dial in to any other DNI-controller combination on DeviceNet
• Other DeviceNet products can send explicit (Get or Set) message with the DNI at any time
• The controller can initiate an explicit message to any UCMM (Unconnected Message Manager) compatible device on DeviceNet

MicroLogix micro-PLCs extend the distributed control benefits to the device level of your process with the addition of DeviceNet functionality.
DeviceNet digitally links push buttons, sensors, actuators, PLC and other industrial devices. DeviceNet reduces the installation and maintenance costs of multiple discrete wires with a single cable that handles both communications and power distribution.

The 1761-NET-DNI Series B Interface (DNI) brought the fast response, low cost and reliability of open DeviceNet connectivity to all MicroLogix controllers and most other Allen-Bradley controllers. MicroLogix on DeviceNet lets you take benefit of the latest progress in communications. DeviceNet uses producer/consumer technology which significantly reduces the amount of traffic on the network, thus improving efficiency and data throughput. As a result, information gets across the network quicker.

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