Sunday, April 10, 2011

Classic View of S7-SoftPLC

There are two different views of S7-SoftPLC. The first, called as classic view in the following text, shows cycle times and allows to switch S7-SoftPLC to RUN/STOP. The second is called as configuration interface and allows to choose the used interface driver and to alter S7-SoftPLC settings.

Classic View
This is the standard view of IBHsoftec S7-SoftPLC. Here the number of cycles, as well as the cycle times and jitter of the actual PLC program can be seen. Available load memory, free load memory, PLC type, serial number, version, name and organization of the user are displayed as well. The classic view provides the possibility to restart, stop or close the S7-SoftPLC. Loading and saving the PLC-program into the installation folder, changing to the configuration view and locking the user interface to prevent unauthorized access is also possible.

Warm restart (OB100)
To starts the PLC-program, Activating the button “Warm restart“. First the organization block OB 100 is processed. After this the cyclic program-processing starts with OB1.This is similar to the start-up of a hardware PLC after a voltage-return.

Hot restart (OB101)
Activating the button “Hot restart“, starts the PLC-program. First the organization block OB 101 is processed. After this the cyclic program-processing starts with OB1. This is similar to the start-up of a hardware PLC after manual switching from STOP to RUN.

PLC Stop
Activating the button “Stop“, stops the cyclic program-processing. In the operating mode "STOP" the PLC-program is not processed. The status of the process flags, images, counters and timers, remain in the current state.

Terminate PLC
To activate the button “Terminate PLC“, terminates the program. A restart of the S7-SoftPLC is possible at any time.

The number of program-cycles is displayed here

Cycle times [ms]
The program-cycle needs time is monitored continuously by S7-SoftPLC. The maximum, minimum, and current cycle time of the current PLC-program are displayed. The cycle time-measurement resolution is one millisecond. The cycle time of a PLC depends on the program structure. At the end of a cycle S7-SoftPLC saves the result of the cycle time-measurement. This is the time, that has past between two OB1 calls. The cycle time (OB1 Cycle time) can be read out with the PLC-program.


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