Sunday, April 10, 2011

Configuration view of S7-SoftPLC

In this view the user has the possibility to configure S7-SoftPLC parameters, choose and parameterise drivers and observe inputs, outputs, flags and data blocks.
The Menu gives the possibility to save and open configuration files. Furthermore the display can be returned back to the “Classic view“ or other setting windows can be displayed. This help file and the IBHsoftec GmbH contact information are available over the menu.
The tool bar provides quick access to often used menu item.
Config tree
The config tree displays an overview of selected drivers and the CPU Parameter view. Mark a tree element with the mouse to get to the desired setting. Now the chosen tree entry is displayed in the setting window.
Setting window
Here the selected element can be edited.
Help window
A short help for the current element is displayed here.
The menu is divided into the following four areas:
• File
• Edit
• View
• Help
Open SoftPLC configuration
Shows an “Open file“-dialogue box to choose the desired configuration file (PLC43.INI). It will be loaded to the user interface.
Save SoftPLC configuration
Saves the current S7-SoftPLC configuration into the installation folder of S7-SoftPLC.
Save SoftPLC configuration as
Opens a “Save file as“-dialogue box to save the configuration file (PLC43.INI) in a different path.
Restart SoftPLC
Closes S7-SoftPLC and restarts it.
Terminate SoftPLC
Terminates S7-SoftPLC.
Exit SoftPLC and configuration
Terminates S7-SoftPLC and the user interface.
Exit configuration
Closes the user interface.
Lock settings
Locks the user interface after entering the password.
Enable settings
Enables the user interface after entering the password.
Change password
Changes the password to lock/enable the user interface.
Save I/O Monitor selection
Saves the current operand selection in the I/O monitor, so it is available after restarting the user interface.
Delete I/O Monitor selection
Deletes the current I/O operand selection, so that no operands are selected after restarting the user interface.
Warm restart (OB100)
Starts S7-SoftPLC with OB100.
Hot restart (OB101)
Starts S7-SoftPLC with OB101.
Stop SoftPLC
Switches S7-SoftPLC into STOP-mode.
Save PLC-program
Saves the current PLC-program of S7-SoftPLC into file „S7.BIN“ in the installation folder of S7-SoftPLC.
Load PLC-program
Loads the program from the file „S7.BIN“ in the installation folder into S7-SoftPLC.


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