Sunday, April 24, 2011

DC 150 Intelligent DDC control and PLC module

The DC 150 gives good solutions for automation jobs with intelligence distribution. The module is particularly suited as a stand-alone controller as apart of standard PLC functions. Programming is created according to the international standard IEC 61131-3. The DC 150 is an ideal solution for fast control loops with its high precision calculation facilities and very fast scanning of I/O with 1 ms. For this objective, pre-configured controller function blocks are available.

The three serial interfaces and 2 ports of field-bus are provided for communication with a visualization system or a central PLC. Sam as the operating terminal connection, a PC or a supervisory computer for the engineering is possible. The DC 150 can be addressed remotely by means of a conventional modem, e.g. for down-loading and debugging. Aside real-time, 32-bit processing, the unit features 8 digital inputs/outputs, and 8 on-board digital inputs that can be individually configured as inputs or outputs, plus 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. With its modem interface, real-time clock, and an expandable Flash memory (up to 9 Mbytes), the DC 150 meets all the requirements for de-centralized data logging.

Extensions are easily implemented by connecting additional I/O modules via the CANbus should more than the on-board I/O be needed. Same as a local operating terminal can be linked via CANbus. The module housing for clip on mounting is designed according to DIN rails standard. The housing dimension is 124 x 170 x 85.5 mm, ideally the DC 150 is suitable for mounting close to the process in de-centralized systems. For communication and programming, the DC 150 is fitted with a complete CANopen master/slave applicable as a library for IEC 61131-3.

Convenient field connections
The wiring electrical from the process or machine is directly taken to the terminal strips at the modules top and bottom. The following options are available for the terminal strips:
x Screw terminals
x Screwless spring-clamp terminals
x Crimp terminals.

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