Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GE Fanuc Series Six I/O CPU

In 1990, GE Fanuc introduced the Series 90–70 system, which incorporated a VME-based CPU and a complete line of I/O and specialty modules. The VME architecture allowed GE Fanuc to introduce third-party VME processing and specialty cards into the 90-70 backplane, greatly expanding the capabilities of the system for specific applications.

One specialty card for the 90–70 is an interface card that allows a 90–70 CPU to control Series Six I/O over the high-speed parallel I/O bus, a significant feature of the Series Six I/O structure. Use of the Series Six I/O interface card has significant impact on today’s Series Six users:
• The Series Six CPU can be removed and a 90–70 CPU, housing the I/O interface card, can directly interface to the local or remote Series Six I/O – there is no need to remove any of the I/O wiring, modules, racks or panels.
• The Series Six CPU program can be converted to 90–70 language with identical functionality.
• A majority program conversion can be completed and tested off-site, minimizing system downtime to change out the CPU rack itself.
• The 90–70 CPU can support Series Six I/O,90–70 I/O, and Genius I/O simultaneously. • Existing Series Six I/O can be replaced with 90–70 I/O or Genius I/O at any time in the future, minimizing machine downtime and spreading out the retrofit costs.

There have been some successful conversions using these techniques. Below are three case studies of the Series Six to 90–70 CPU conversion, each outlining a different client advantage.

A steel mill was operating a Series Six systems number in various applications. A plant-wide project required access to all PLCs via the Ethernet network on the factory floor for monitoring purposes. The first Series Six to be converted consisted of one CPU rack and seven I/O racks mounted in remote panels. Phase one of the project involved converting the Series Six program to 90–70 logic and testing the functionality to the system specifications. This first phase was completed off-site. In the second phase, the Series Six CPU rack was removed from the original panel and the 90–70 CPU rack with the Series Six interface card was installed in its place.


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