Thursday, April 21, 2011

InduSoft Import Wizard for RSLogix 5000

This article describes the interfaces provided in InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) to exchange data with ControlLogix PLCs from Allen-Bradley:
• InduSoft Import Wizard for RSLogix™ 5000 CSV Database: Using this tool, the user can import the tag names and the communication settings from the PLC program. IWS creates not only the tags in the Application Tags Database but also the communication driver worksheet automatically. This interface reduces the time invested dramatically to integrate the SCADA/HMI software with the ControlLogix PLC and reduces (or eliminates) the configuration error (e.g.: misaddressing).
• Driver of ABCIP Communication: This driver implements the CIP protocol over Ethernet/IP and exchanges data with the ControlLogix PLC during the runtime, using the tag names configured in the PLC project.

IWS allows you to create or add to a Tags database by importing tags from an external application database, including:
1. Other InduSoft Web Studio databases
2. OPC Server databases
3. CSV databases
4. ODBC databases
5. PanelBuilder Import Wizard
6. Database of RSLogix 5000 CSV, including Allen-Bradley RSLogix CSV files

To begin, you have to specify the type of database source you are going to use.
• Choose RSLogix 5000 CSV from the Source Type list, and then click the Next button.
• Click a radio button in the Options panel when the next Wizard screen displays

This interface enables the user to import the Tags Database and the communication interface configuration from the ControlLogix/FlexLogix PLC program files, including Allen-Bradley RSLogix CSV files. Before using this interface, you must export the project configuration using RSLogix 5000 programming software:
Tags Database: Open the project of PLC with RSLogix 5000 programming software. Right-click on the folder of Controller Tags, and choose the Export Tags option from the pop-up menu. Make sure to select the RSLogix 5000

Import/Export File (*.CSV), this option is in the Save as Type combo-box and the All Tags in Project in the Scope box. Select the Export button to create the CSV file with the Tags Database configuration. The Import Wizard makes the tags on the Tags Database and creates the communication driver worksheets automatically.

User-Defined Tags: Open the project of PLC with RSLogix 5000 programming software. Select File->Save As from the main menu. Make sure to select the RSLogix 5000 Import/Export File (*.L5K) option in the Save as Type box. Select the Save button to create the L5K file with the User-Defined Tags configuration.


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