Saturday, April 30, 2011

Setting Up the Profibus DP Using S7 300 PLC

The software of Siemens Simatic Manager is utilized to set up the S7 300 PLC.

Installing the GSD file
The opening stage is to set up the GSD file then Simatic is capable to map the blocks data to our appliance. Then Double-click the Hardware in the right hand of window. This will begin the HWConfig where mostly the work is done. The HWConfig demonstrates the recent PLC hardware design. Close up this configuration (NOT HWConfig) and select Options>Install GSD File. Click Browse to choose the folder were the file of GSD previously downloaded is, choose the file and click Install. The setup of PLC hardware can be released again by doing Station and picking the latest opened file which should be number 1, once the file of GSD is installed successfully. If this is a new installation, organize your PLC with the correct modules.

Setup the network of Profibus
The subsequent steps illustrate how to install the network of Profibus DP. Leave out these stages if your PLC application already acquires a network of Profibus DP. On the edge window that corresponds to the PLC, double click the area of DP to open the window properties.

Adding the G3 on the network of Profibus
Modular Controller to the network of Profibus, pull the MC/DSP/G3 Profibus Card from the Catalog navigation situated on the right hand side of HWConfig to the Master System of Profibus DP, to add the G3.

Now, The G3 is on the network of Profibus DP, and it preferred. HWConfig shows the slots existing under the G3 to organize the data blocks to exchange. Just pull and drop one of the data blocks existing under the DSP/G3/MC Profibus Card in the slot number 1. Simatic will allocate automatically a start address in the particular columns of Input and output depending of the block type selected.


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