Monday, April 25, 2011

Technical Data PLC PU 104

The PU 104 gives a connecting between Ethernet TCP/IP networks and CAN-CAL together with its PLC functions. A 10BaseT and a 10Base2 interface is fitting in the PU 104 for linking into the Ethernet. PCs with Ethernet network modules and 32-bitWindows-based applications, have access directly to CAN fieldbus networks. An ANSI-C library is supporting the connecting function in the form of a 32-bitWindows DLL.

Programming with standard tools
The PU 104 Programming is programmed with a PC and a Windows-based software tool. The tool of universal programming is made for all of PMA’s P-open modules. According to your application, the software programming makes you select the most convenient method such as Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Instruction List (IL), or the high-level language ’C’. The first from the 3 options are depending on the international standard IEC 1131-3. It provides full support during development of your own specific application programs, if necessary.

Below is the technical data of PLC PU 104:
• The configuration is Pre configured
• Both memory are 2 Mbytes SRAM and 2 Mbytes Flash EPROM
• Programming is using a PC and software Windows based with programming languages such as FBD, LD, IL of IEC 1131-3 and high level ‘C’ programming. The downloading will be via RS232 , CANbus or Ethernet
• 16 digital inputs for 24 VDC. 16 digital I/O
• The LEDs status are the 5 LEDs indicate the module’s operational status and the 32 red LEDs show the switching status of the digital IO.
• It is using 2 x CANbus interface. The protocol: CAN CAL/CANopen using interface 1 x RS 232, max. 0,15 A, 24 VDC. and for local I/O extensions with P-open modules.
• Module supply is 24 VDC with max 0.4A
• I/O energization 24 VDC grouped into six groups.

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