Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Advantages of Drive PLC

The Drive PLC includes a PLC of programmable drive freely to the frequency inverter of 8200 vector. This grouping is not only runs motion in the equipment, but now can also execute central control jobs. The Drive PLC is programmed with the IEC 61131-3 compliant, international standard programming languages of PLC. What additional advantages do Drive PLC presents over a PLC standard?
• High basic functionality causes cost-effective system
• Extension boards slots
• Mounted to the 8200 vector
• Simple engineering using a library special software for the 8200 vector simple integration into the PLC program
• The system bus integrated interface to the inverter of frequency saves on cables control
• Connectable modules allow simply integration into fieldbuses
• As a gateway to devices linked to the Drive PLC

The system
Lenze present a complete automation system for application. You will not only get that the electrical part in the equipment is quick to construct thanks to the synchronized drive components and accessories, but the software which carries your equipment to existence is depending on a grouping of Lenze technology functions and basic configurations which have been collected with a view to reduce time.

Drive PLC Developer Studio was being designed in an environment of powerful software development. Five special editors are obtainable in the IEC 61131-3 accommodating standardized programming languages, enabling the programmer to choose the most appropriate language refer to the application and skills of personal programming. Different languages can also be shared. All changeable values are showed in mode of monitoring and debugging. You can put break points to optimize the programming language easily and quickly.

The editor of powerful CFC is an editor of graphical function plan in which the program parts can be positioned freely in the workplace. Parts and units of program organization can also be grouped to macros in sequence to simplify logical structures.

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