Monday, May 2, 2011

Integration Diagnosis and Planning Systems with OPC

This article explains a system of communication founded on architecture of client-server for the integration of an intelligent system into a simulator of turbo gas. This solution offers graphical features and permits the PLC-based control system communication using an assistant of intelligent operator in sequence to access and transfer data. The application development was depending on graphical programming with RAD tools such as Visual Basic Java, LabVIEW, and In-Touch. The application of end-user lets plant operators to have information of graphical about the process. It explains the details of architecture of OPC client-server to control the integration of both planning and diagnosis systems, and its position in control systems as a prevalent communication protocol.

Modern power plants are multifarious processes, as highly instrumented and automated that often leave out the operator from creating decisions. However, there still exist some unusual man oeuvres that need the practice and skill of the operator sequentially to succeed in a safe operation and rentable. Some characteristic instances of these issues are load refusal, as well as replies to failures. A novel approach is the use of intelligent systems to maintain the human assessment process during occasions as the one mentioned above.

A lot of of the most proficient intelligent systems for real world applications are still developed only in research centers with educational tools such as C++, Java, MatLab, etc. On the other hand, process controls in industrial systems are generally mismatched with these development languages programming. One instance is a natural integration of Java and Java and InTouch technologies, or LabView. In this article we describe the experience in the integration of planning systems and a diagnosis into a PLC-based simulator of turbo gas to identify a malfunction and give an action plan for helpful suggestions to plant operators. We took benefit of the communication protocol for industrial standard, OLE for Process Control (OPC) to replace information in concurrent between the integrated intelligent system, the PLC database, and the operator station.

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