Friday, May 13, 2011

PLC Intelligent Relays of EZ Products

The intelligent relays of EZ offer special functions, relays, inputs and outputs, timers into one tool that is configured easily. The products EZ family provides exceptional flexibility levels together with substantial savings in effort and time commissioning. The intelligent relays of EZ are offer in greater than 32 styles that support from 12 I/O up to 320 I/O points providing the solution ideal for energy management, pump control, lighting, industrial control, home automation and HVAC. Once products of EZ are used, changes are accomplished easily through the programming of front panel, reduce the required to change the wiring diagrams add in the savings realized. Other terms used frequently for the intelligent relay such as smart relay, control relay, and relay replacer.

Application Description
Usually pushbuttons multiple relays, and timers are used there is a room to examine switching to the Intelligent Relays of EZ. Applications span industrial, residential, and commercial installations. Typical applications are as following:
• Crane control
• Machinery
• Paper/pulp
• Elevator control
• Livestock feed/gate control
• Car washes
• Door control automatic
• Commercial lighting
• Residential lighting
• Exterior lighting
• automotive control 12V DC of pump control
• Greenhouse control
• Cart chargers
• Heating and air conditioning
• Irrigation control

Product Description
Below is the some series of families make up the Intelligent Relay of EZ product line. Each of the series explain as below:
EZ500-Series — this is for small applications controlling with up to 12 input/output signals. Models offer without and with displays.
EZ700-Series — this is for medium-sized applications controlling with up to 40 input/output signals.
EZD-Series — this is for great scale applications controlling with up to 320 input/output signals using powerful visualization functions. The EZD display can be connected to the EZ500/700/800 models to provide an enhanced operator interface, Panel mounted.

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