Monday, May 23, 2011

Setup of PLC Modicon Type

This article explains you on how to setup and configure your PLC Modicon family. You have to construct your PLC before you can make a program of ladder logic. The configuration is component of the program; it carry outs the important function of involving the logic components to the hardware components. The process of setup and configuration is accomplished in two phases in suggested order:
1. Setup of PLC Type
• Other options depending on PLC type
• PLC Type
• Memory Size
2. Configuration of PLC
• Cop of Traffic
• Extensions of Configuration
• Loadables
• Clock Set
• Options of configuration screen
• Ports of Modbus
• Ports of ASCII

Setup of PLC Type, offered in mode offline only, is where you inform PLC WORKSHOP for which processor of Modicon you are making a logic program. Process configuration is the process in which you allocate PLC system components, for example the segments number, drops, ports of ASCII, and modules of I/O. You identify where the modules are placed in the racks and you allocate addresses to the modules. The information of configuration is stored alongside among the ladder program.

Setup of PLC Type
The process of setup and configuration starts with Setup of PLC Type. You have to tell PLC WORKSHOP what processor you use before you can construct the processor.
To setup the PLC:
• Choose Setup of PLC Type from the Utilities menu. The Setup of PLC Type dialog box shows.
• Choose the suitable, PLC Memory Size, PLC Type and for some models, 484 Emulation and Enhanced Execs.
• Press Enter or Click OK to save your settings and go back to the active logic program.

Changing of PLC Types
You can replace PLC types after you start programming. A variety of warning or error messages can happen if change the PLC type would cause configuration information or program to be incorrect or condensed.


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