Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Students Preparation for the Use of PLC

Working on actual industrial problems and build models initiate a new trend in practical teaching. Student included in the project finds expertise in engineering by carrying out the jobs from a plan to a working model.

Automation plays large role in current industries. Throughout the 20th century it has been developed from easy sequential control to the complex electronics systems. Nowadays it is difficult to visualize a factory without robots, CNC machines and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Rapid economic growth, penetrating for new, cleaner technologies are the major factors of steps forward in the industry. Since production turns out to be more proficient, then controllers become more rapidly and more difficult. The most of PLCs used in manufacturing are modular bypassing over the group of specific controllers. In that way they are more elastic in application. Modern industrial developments need training of new engineers that can handle with certain jobs from scheming a system, throughout code growth, to set the entire process in motion. The of Engineering Processes Automation and Integrated Manufacturing Systems Institute majoring at the Mechanical Engineering, where students can develop their skills. One of them is the Sensors and Industrial Networks Laboratory. At the room of laboratory a number of types of industrial networks, like Ethernet, AS-I, CAN, Profibus, CC-Link, and MelsecNet are established. The other sense system is circulated control depend on network of Profibus, used in system of transportation.

Students also must their throwing away a number of types of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) produced by Mitsubishi, Fanuc and Siemens. Other devices are PLC expansion modules, visualization and control panels, frequency processors, and network. The laboratory is projected for scientific staff and personality work of students in following comportment:
• Semestral work realization,
• BSc Eng. and MSc Eng. thesis realization,
• PhD dissertations realization,
• Individual students’ skills development within the scientific circles confines.

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