Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unity Application Generators

UAG (Unity Application Generator) is software design and a tool generation to integrate PLCs and HMI (human-machine interfaces) or SCADA (supervisory systems). It utilizes the fundamental technique single database of systems hybrid control joining PLC and DCS functions. Although UAG is utilized for applications of single PLC, it is particularly useful in architectures of multiple PLC. It utilizes the UNITY Pro full power which it strongly relates with supervisory systems for example I-Fix, Monitor Pro, and so on.

UAG implementation is building significant savings in development time. UAG and its fundamental concepts allow developers to find involved with the customers at a very early step. Easy testing and updating and reusable objects can save project time by 20 to 30%, which can count as several months in big projects.

UAG’s Main features
• The PLC/HMI database and SCADA with a single input;
• Library objects of use and reuse;
• Configuration of process application;
• SCADA with incremental generation;
• Mapping of global resource;
Application PLC such as communication, code, variables, configuration, etc;
• Application of SCADA such as alarms, symbols, mimic diagrams, variables, attributes, etc;
• Management of communication such as ModBus+, Ethernet
• Common interface in XML

Unity Application Generator is a control modules with object-oriented tool based. A control module illustrates a process unit and involves all of the automation task aspects:
• Logic of PLC;
• The operator in the supervision system representation;
• The unit of electrical and mechanical properties;
• Troubleshooting and maintenance;
• The elements of multi-facet representation in UAG are Smart Control Device or called as SCoD, these control modules are equivalent in standard ISA 88. This control has an equivalent representation of physical which can be:
• An actual component, such as a temperature transmitter, a motor, a valve, etc. which can be inspected and held;

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