Sunday, May 1, 2011

Web Setup of Digi One IAP PLC

The new Web of UI Wizard has updated. While release D in progress from the serial ports and worked “upwards”, Release E begins where messages issue from and works “downwards” towards who will answer the messages. Release E can do units with larger port counts; for instance, a 4 or 8-port component where you may have a design of the Digi One IAP multiple mimics at the same time on a single multi-port component.
To review setup with Web Wizard of Release E:
• Identify a group and which protocol it may include. This permits the wizard to reduce options more quickly. For instance, you’ll choose Modbus Family to narrow down options to Modbus protocols.
• Identify where messages will be issue from; for instance, serial port #1 of Modbus/RTU and network in Modbus/TCP.
• Identify destinations for these messages; for instance, the PLC.
Those recognizable with the older firmware will observe that the new Web UI has many polished look and feel.

Pick the Group – think Resetting IA Configuration
The earliest page of the wizard allows you to pick which group to use and to allocate a name. You will only have one group on a Digi One IAP. If you face any suspicions about what is configured in the Digi One IAP, make sure the box to reset all of setting automation industry, which rearranges all settings and all groups. It is critical since the wizard won’t permit you to utilize a serial port that fit in to the other arrangement group.

If you don’t be familiar with what non-IA settings may be there, you should as an alternative do a reset completely. This reset is critical due to some of the non-IA settings influence IA protocol behavior. You can select to adjust that group or identify your own new name, e.g. main_grp.

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