Monday, June 13, 2011

The Application of Bluetooth with PLC System

With the Bluetooth distances of up to 100 m can be securely and simply conquer at data rates up to 720 kbit/s. Simple configuration, low energy consumption, and encrypted communication make Bluetooth the perfect transmission technique for applications of medical. Connections of cable according to RS232 can also be reinstated by Bluetooth and its enable devices. Nowadays the target products in the marketplace include:
1. Audio Peripherals of Intelligent Devices:
• Stereo Receiver
• Headsets
• Speakers
2. Peripherals of Data:
• Cameras
• Digital Pens Mice
• Keyboards
• Joysticks
3. Applications of Embedded:
• PCs
• Phones Cellular
• PDAs
• Printers
• LAN access points
• Cars: controls power lock
• Updates of Grocery store
• Systems Closed
• systems Industrial
• instruments of MIDI musical

The Usage Models covers the below appliances:
• Speakerphone for Computer
• Cordless Computer
• Instant Postcard
• Hidden Computing
• Conference Table
• File Transfer of Computer to Computer
• Networking Dialup
• Synchronization
• 3 in 1 Phone
• Headset Ultimate

The Bluetooth Characteristics module and link may be reviewed as:
• Encryption
• Low power
• Low cost
• Extremely small
• Unlicensed of radio band 2.4GHz
• Industrial, Scientific, Medical band
• Used by Home RF, Microwave ovens …
• 1 Mbit/s Gross data ratef
• Mixed data/voice paths

Programmable logic controllers are the basic building block required in a lot of applications in home appliances monitoring and control, industry, security systems, and data acquisition. Generally a PLC may be either μ-controller based system or PC (Personal Computer) according to the application. It lifts up digital and analog signal from attached transducers applied to calculate the quantities of physical to be controlled. Then, these signals are processed digitally with suitable software in sequence to make the signals of digital control required to complete the control process.

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