Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Benefits of Safety System PLC of Modicon Quantum

High availability
The safety system of Quantum can also be incorporated within an architecture system of Quantum hot standby surplus as part of the Quantum platform, so you will not only upgrade the safety system, you can perform it without forfeiting system availability. The result is the technology of Hot standby shared with safety for a totally incorporated, safety-certified superfluous architecture that comprises input/output (I/O), processors, power supplies, HMI and cabling systems, remote I/O, SCADA.

Schneider Electric is eagerly conscious that the selections you make now must still be applicable tomorrow. Equally, you need to create on the systems that you have been installed in your manufacturing...taking them into compliance is frequently attended by upgrading of your installed devices.

Process safety solution of Schneider Electric applications:
• Comply with IEC 61508 safety that certified PLC by TÜV Rheinland Group
• Appropriate up to SIL3
• Hot repair fault tolerant system1 out of 2
• Incorporated and joint solution according to open software systems and standard networks
• BPCS (Basic Process Control System) PLC and SIS (Scalable common Safety Instrumented System) platform

The benefits
• Standards and regulations for master hazard, safety and environment
The safety PLC of Modicon Quantum is certified by TÜV Rheinland Group to comply stringent industry requirements as specified in the standards IEC 61508.
• Optimize the operations
The safety applications design is simplify with the PLC safety of Modicon Quantum features being a direct expansion of the existing platform of Modicon Quantum. The common software, hardware, and communication simplify minimizes training and maintenance, and Quantum hot standby provides the capability to repair any mistake without breaking off the process. This joblessness also helps you meet two important safety objectives: not interrupting the process at any other time, and bringing a process to a safe state when an unsafe situation is detected.

• Protect the investment and reduce liabilities cost
You can take advantage of on your obtainable experience when introducing the functionality of safety into a current system with this common platform of PLC approach.


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