Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bluetooth Based System of Telemetry and PLC

Bluetooth is the most trustable short distance wireless systems communication that can be contacted and used very simply. It is imagined that it will permit for the substitution of the many respectability cables that link one device to another with one worldwide radio link. Its robustness key features are low cost, low complexity, and low power. Planned to operate in the environments of noisy frequency, the radio Bluetooth utilizes a fast acknowledgement and scheme of frequency hopping to create the link robust. A system of telemetry/PLC Bluetooth based will be set up and explained. The system is a universal control system and data acquisition that may be used in a number of application in industry, Car Area Networks (CANs), equipments biomedical, and systems of building management.

The system explained is completely developed using the controller of AT 89C52 μ and the module of Blu2i Bluetooth from TDK system. Instance of the system applications are in remote data acquisition, security, and home appliances control. Work experimental confirm the estimated system performance. The link of Bluetooth RF has been utilized in a number of custom applications in different interest areas since Introduced in 1999. Bluetooth is a quite new technology using links of short-range radio, planned to substitute the cable(s) linking portable and/or fixed electronic devices. Its key features are low cost, robustness, low complexity, and low power. The Bluetooth radio utilizes a fast acknowledgement and scheme of frequency hopping to make the link robust to design to run in environments of noisy frequency. The modules of Bluetooth radio run in the unlicensed ISM band at 2.4GHz, and pass up interference from other signals by hopping to a new frequency after sending or receiving a packet. Evaluated with systems of other in the same frequency band, the radio of Bluetooth hops faster and utilizes shorter packets. Newly, for instance, instead of data-cables, which give us difficult the daily operation with patients, the Bluetooth™ Technology can carry a solution to this situation.

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