Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Collaborative Design and Building UAG and Unity Pro

The software of PLC explained is restricted to the assemblies designed control separately to do as standalone units, although communication relations are sometimes needed. New tools have been built up around the software of programming to transact with the limitations of working in parallel on building and design. These assist developers to make simpler and get faster their work, reduce the number of errors and keep track. Believe the cycle from the learning stage to the end the machine or process life. The different types range of work concerned in this lifecycle needs partnership between departments. This partnership is made probable by tools for instance ERP, MES, SCADA, mechanical and electrical CAD, and others.

UAG (application generator) and Unity Pro at the Schneider Electric’s core offer and provide a hardware and software automation platform based on openness and partnership between the tools which involve the range of requirements from the learn stage right up to maintenance system.

Unity Developer’s Edition
The range of Unity is improved by UDE (Unity Developer’s Edition), software specialist for programmers in C++, VBA or VB. It offers admission to all servers in Unity Pro software tor build custom solutions for example an electrical CAD interfaces or a generator automatic application.

Unity Application Generator
Unity Application Generator (UAG) defines as a design tool based on a module of reusable approach such as motor, PID, valve, etc. and is accommodating with ISA 88 standard. UAG produces the PLCs code in the SCADA graphics and the architecture. As well, with a single input it controls a database, general to all the components, to make sure the application is consistent. A single data input makes sure consistency and speed between the 2 environments. UAG provides large savings in expansion costs and make easy validation and maintenance of automation projects with this controlled modular design advance.

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