Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CX-One OMRON PLC Components

The Package of FA Integrated Tool that incorporates Support Software for OMRON's PLC and other Components. To build an FA System based mostly on PLC, conventionally, it was needed to purchase individual compatible Support Software with each Unit, install and start them independently, after that connect to PLC and entity Components. This Package of FA Integrated Tool "CX-One" Installation on a PC tolerates incorporated operation from OMRON's CPU Bus Units setup and SIOU (Special I/O Units) and devices to network start-up/monitoring, PLC System start-up improving efficiency.

Feature of CX-One
• CX-One permits Support Software incorporated management for OMRON'sPLC/Devices.
• Only 1 Personal computer installation enables a user to do Support Software for products of OMRON's.
• It is only required 1 licensing key to install all of Support Software.
• It enables incorporated management of 1 saving location for files which created by Support Software.
• Support Software committed to Units of CPU Bus and Units of Special I/O can be began on the I/O Table.
• A suitable committed Support Software can be started automatically by identifying a registered Unit in the I/O Table. The table of Unit configuration attached to a PLC. Additionally, setup information for example PLC model can be transfered to the committed Support Software at the start-up, enabling simpler switching between Support Software.
• The functions are accessible by initiated mechanism of ID information file (CPS) for OMRON’s Devices.
• CPU Bus Units Setup and Special I/O Units without recognition of addresses and manual setting. (The parameter item names and selection as well as obtainable range of setup can be showed automatically).
• The Units of CPU Bus and Special I/O Units setting on PC and data on CPU Unit (actual PLC) can be confirmed online, and supreme data of item/readout can be showed graphically.
• Configuration unit can be showed on the Table I/O according to Unit model.
• The type of Device on the network can be verified for its Unit model, enabling exact confirmation for network configuration.


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