Friday, June 17, 2011

The Features of FBs PLC FATEK

The five ports of communication in FBs-PLC can concurrently link to a variety of intelligent peripherals with existing interfaces for example Ethernet, USB, RS232, and RS485. In addition accepting communication protocol of FATEK standard or protocol of Modbus or carrying out communication throughout the server of FATEK communication, the user can also use CLINK controls to identify the dedicated protocol to actively or passively set up the link with any peripherals of intelligent.

Single unit with 16 points of high-speed interrupt
The FBs-PLC offers 16 external interrupts points. The break off is periphery driven and the user can identify which edge triggers the break off and can be negative, positive or both edges. The breaks off can carry out high speed, emergency processing which can endure the time jilter caused by the deviation and delay of the scan time and can be utilized for accuracy high speed RPM, high speed positioning, and machine home measurement applications.

Captured input up to 36 points
The SoC has a confine input function in the FBs-PLC, which imprisons and saves the input external pulse shorter than the CPU scanning time. Evaluated to PLC’s in this class that either be deficient in this capability or need highly complicated break off functions, the FBs-PLC can support this task easily configured with high efficiency, easily as a general input, and no harm the CPU scan time.

Peripherals complete range
Additionally to the 204 main CPU unit models, the FBs-PLC also offers 65 models of development I/O for selection. The modules of expansion I/O contain basic AI/O and DI/O, LED display module of 7/16-segment, 8 thermocouple types, Pt1000 RTD, Pt100 modules of temperature measurement. The FBs-PLC also offers a LCD data of FBs-DAP admission panel which can be connected jointly with a single RS485 bus. The FBs-DAP can be used as a simple human machine interface or it can also be a simple Timer/Counter editor through the function of user message display and definable keys.


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