Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SIL3 Modicon Quantum PLC

The innovation of Modicon Quantum PLC proven technology is simple operation and integration. And now SIL3-rated functionality…. The PLC of SIL3 Modicon Quantum is really the solution of next generation in the system controllers that have to function constantly at confirmable SIL (Safety Integrity Levels). And, for the storage, manufacturing, processing, and handling of unstable flammable materials and chemicals – the SIL3 Quantum PLC from Schneider Electric is your cost-effective option for these important missions. Considered around the confirmed technology and simplicity operation of its programmable logic controllers Quantum family, the PLC of SIL3 Quantum is programmed with the robust, reliable Unity software platform. This platform totally can be incorporated with Vijeo® Citect® SCADA with no knowledge curve involved. And, a license of single Unity™ Pro XLS will offer you to program M340™, Unity-based Quantum, and Unity-based Modicon Premium platforms as well.

The PLC’s safety applications of Modicon Quantum features are certified by TÜV Rheinland as the following:
• Emergency shut down (ESD)
The safety system of Modicon Quantum satisfies the requirements to protect your production tool, the environment, and personnel, while helping to ensure your installation availability.
• Fire and gas detection (F&G)
The safety system of Modicon Quantum is accepted to be used in applications that requiring gas and fire detection and protection.
• Burner management systems (BMS)
The safety system of Modicon Quantum conforms to the exact BMS requirements. It is consequently perfect for furnace, boiler, and burner safety and control.
• Boiler protection systems (BPS)
The safety system of Modicon Quantum presents the flexibility to satisfy your installation specific requirements.

Safety certification
The Schneider Electric safety heart offer is the safety system of Modicon Quantum, which is contained of safety modules of specially designed that are SIL3-certified by TÜV Rheinland and compliant to IEC 61508, thus helping to make sure the application meets the requirements of IEC 61511 safety standards.


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