Friday, June 10, 2011

Smart Panel PLCs Touch-panel computer

The Smart Panel PLCs are mostly compact devices planned for mounting in control panels. The core of computer contains of a 'low power' processor, which runs without the requirement for added cooling. The program is saved in a Compact Flash card or in an on-board Flash memory. The hardware of control terminal is mainly robust for a long life service. Visualization is offered by a fully graphic range color displays with resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels. The feature of displays is excellent brightness and readability, plus long-life background lighting. Furthermore, the feature of resistive touch allows direct operation through the display.

IEC 61131 programming environment
The terminal programming is according to the IEC 61131-3standard. The system of CoDeSys is completely companionable with the standard, and provides convenient programming in all of the languages that defined in IEC 61131:
• FBD (Function Block Diagram)
• LD (Ladder Diagram)
• ST (Structured Text)
• IL (Instruction List)
• SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
• CFC (Continuous Function Chart)

The powerful test functions greatly decrease the necessary commissioning and programming times.
• Variables monitoring
• Variables forcing and writing
• Stepping and breakpoints
• Operation of single-cycle
• Monitoring sequencing
• Variables recording and graphical representation
• Program modules exchange without process interrupting

The system of incorporated visualization has contact to all the variables utilized by the program sequencing, therefore reducing the multiple definitions risk. Various functions are existing for creating the operating screens of user-specific.
• Basic elements.
• Complex elements.
• Animation
• A variety of data entry keypads
• Special functions

• TPC-66SN-PLC01/TPC-30-PLC01
• CPU: XscalePXA270 (312/416MHz) of Intel
• Cooler passive
• RAM 64 Mbyte on-board
• Flash memory 32/64 Mbyte on-board
• TPC-1570H-PLC01/TPC-1261H-PLC01
• CPU: GX3 LX800 (speed 500MHz)
• RAM 256 Mbyte on-board

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