Saturday, June 18, 2011

Technical Features of PLC-ANALYZER pro 5

• The acquisition data via the PLC programming unit interface, or via the network/ fieldbus automation
• The acquisition of timer, data word, peripheral, data block, counter, input, output, flag, etc.
• The signal show in word, byte, bit and double-word formats
• Pseudo signals creation
• Added of trigger conditions or additional addresses while recording
• Concurrent acquisition on a number of PLC systems such as SIMATIC S7 + Allen-Bradley or SIMATIC S7 + S5.
• No additional hardware necessary, software solution
• Not necessary modification PLC program
• SIMATIC-PLCs of cycle accurate acquisition
• The signal waveform storage on hard disk
• The signal file creation of trigger-controlled or long-standing recording
• The recording of time controlled signal
• The triggers comfortable definition by drop & drag
• Cascading and AND-/OR logic of substantial trigger features
• Pre-trigger and post-trigger time can be set by customer
• The register values and binary values trigger
• Automatic alarm in trigger event case
• Signal files comparation
• Explore for time, bit pattern, trigger, and edge parallel in more than a signal file
• Measuring of bits and periods of time
• Absolute and relative data time
• Adaptation to physical units and elastic register scaling
• Various of data format such as binary, decimal, hexadecimal, S5-time, date, real (floating point), ASCII
• Using commentaries and symbolic address names the software of PLC-programming
• Automating data acquisition and pre-configuring runs for project files
• Complete project settings Print/Storage for test sequence documentation and measurements
• Signal files printing
• Transfer from signal files such as HTML file, image format, or text file
• Measured values can be imported in text format
• Support S7-PLCSIM
• AD_USB-Box Multilingual ®
• System required: PC with MS Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Vista/7, 256 MB RAM, 1 GHz, 100 MB of existing hard-disk space.

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