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Hardware Configuration and Standard PLC Software Structure

The first step is to make an appropriate of configuration hardware. The 2nd step is to import the SPSS. There are 2 choices: import the source file or incorporate the binaries directly in the project. The files stated below can be faced on the Mini-CODAC at the following file:
Where is release-dependent.

Hardware Configuration
Subsequent to a project of STEP7 is made, the PLC hardware can be identified with following stages.
1. For S7-300 PLC, add a Simatic 300 Station, for S7-400 PLC add a Simatic 400 Station.
2. Edit the hardware using HwConfig which is unlocked by double-clicking the button on the Hardware. Add a rack and put the rack with suitable CPU and power supply. Refer to the catalog of PLC for suitable references. Another CPUs can be employed as long as they have an interface of Ethernet and they able to operate Open IE Communication. However, CPUs not comprised in the catalog will not be supported by CODAC.
3. Using NetPro identify the addresses of IP of the CP modules and CPU in the rack. The addresses of IP have to be same as earlier configured in the CPU.
4. The configuration of hardware should be stored and compiled either in NetPro or HwConfig. After the configuration of hardware is collected it is reproduced as system data in the folder of CPU | S7 Program | Blocks in the Simatic Station.

Import from external source files of the Standard PLC Software Structure
1. Construct the hardware of PLC.
2. Open Libraries | Standard Libraries | Communication Blocks in the Simatic Manager, and drag-and-drop UDT65 (TCON_PAR), FB65 (TCON), FB63 (TSEND), FB64 (TRECV), and FB66 (TDISCON) in the folder of CPU | S7 Program | Blocks.
3. Select the symbol of table and import StandardSoftwareStructure.sdf and store it. It is required to save the table symbol at this step to be able to collect the source of STL in consequent step.
4. Insert the source of external from the file of StandardSWStructure.AWL in the folder of CPU | S7 Program | Sources and collect. The compilation should not provide any errors if stages 2 and 3 are executed correctly.
5. Insert the file of StandardSWStructure400.AWL in the folder of CPU | S7 Program | Sources and compile to carry out the specific initialization of S7-400 for S7-400 CPU. Insert the file of StandardSWStructure300.AW" in the folder of CPU | S7 Program | Sources and compile to carry out the specific initialization of S7-300 for S7-300 CPU.

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