Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Long and Impressive Development of PLC System

People may not really be aware of the development of PLC system because they often take it for granted. People often don’t think about what would happen if there’s no such thing as automation programs at all. Technology will be very much left behind. It’s impossible to have new development in technology because everything would be done manually by hands. Economy and industry won’t be growing high and fast without any automation process. In shorts, everyone should be grateful for the fast development of PLC system.

The Early PLC and the Fast Development of PLC System
Around 1950s, no one had thought about any fast development of PLC system that would soon be happening to them. The first PLC system was designed and created around 1968 because automotive industry needed a comprehensive and sophisticated system that could help them work fast. At that time, everything was done by hand. The human labor couldn’t compete with the growing needs of fast and systematic working system. The first PLC system was created by Bedford Associates from Bedford, Massachusetts. After successfully created the first system, the company started to set up a company aimed to provide help in automation system and process. Since then the development of PLC system has continued to move on.

The Fast Development of PLC System in Industry and Heavy Weight Work
No one would have thought that the development of PLC system will be great and impressive. In the past, PLC system was only needed by the automotive industry. But now, the PLC implementation has been done in most industrial areas. Almost everything is run and managed by automation system. PLC system is even used in entertainment and enjoyment area, such as the mechanism of amusement rides. Nowadays, PLC system can also be used as networking, process control, motion control, relay sequential control, and control distributing system. The PLC computer is almost the same like the regular computer, but it’s stronger, more durable, and resistant to almost lots of things. The PLC computer is designed to be used in harsh and tough environment. Along the way, there’s also such thing as Programmable Logic Relays which is a type of PLC system in smaller and limited environment. The development of PLC system has made everything possible.

The development of PLC system has definitely benefited everyone. People don’t need to rely on manual work anymore because everything can always be done in quicker, cleaner, and more efficient ways. Thanks to the development of PLC system, economy and industry has developed even greater than anyone has every thought.

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