Saturday, July 30, 2011

PLC-Based Equipment Controllers of GEM4Tools SECS/GEM

GEM4Tools offers the equipment controllers of HMI/PLC-based comprehensive the of SECS/GEM that will convince the semiconductor requirements, LED, solar, or the manufacturing facility of MES. You can incorporate GEM4Tools to your OPC server of equipment controller’s in a substance of days.
• Controls the popular OPC standard for easy and fast integration.
• Can be applied in the control solution of equipment, or any software package of HMI/SCADA that backing OPC.
• Furthermost capabilities of GEM are accessible out-of-the box. They are simply implemented with the configuration of straight-forward and without coding.
• A simple, powerful API creates it simple to enlarge GEM4Tools to contain any requirements ahead of the standard of GEM.
• GEM4Tools realizes the basic communications of SECS/GEM and control as well as more moved forward alarm reporting, recipe management, and data collection.

Getting the most from the standard of OPC
GEM4Tools was specially built up for PLC/HMI --based equipment controllers, by using the standard of OPC as its basis. OPC is the choice interface for many factory automation/process and OEMs control solution providers, worldwide, which indicates your solution will respite on an established standard and best practices. GEM4Tools runs with any DA 2.0 of OPC server compliant, whether you have built up your own, or are using one of the many packages of HMI/SCADA available, such as:
• National Instruments of Labview
• iFix or Cimplicity of GE
• Intouch (Wonderware)
• SIMATIC WinCC (Siemens)
• RSView32 or FactoryTalk View (Rockwell)

Characteristically, the applications of SECS and GEM suppliers have an interface of proprietary that have to be used to make GEM capabilities into the control software of equipment. Incorporation time can acquire months, and needs a broad background in the standards of SEMI. GEM4Tools needs no coding or the standards detailed knowledge to realize any capability of GEM. As an OPC client, it basically needs to be constructed to communicate with your OPC server of equipment controller’s.

The Specification of OPC is a non-proprietary technical specification that identifies a standard interfaces set based upon the technology of Microsoft’s OLE/COM. The OPC standard interface application makes probable interoperability between the applications of automation/control, business/office applications and field systems/devices. Conventionally, every software or the developer of application was required to write down a custom interface, or server/driver, to swap over the data with the field devices of hardware. OPC decreases this requirement, by significant of high performance interface a common, that allows this work to be done once, and then simply reused by SCADA, HMI, custom applications and Control.

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