Monday, July 18, 2011

Power Supply of Pulse Magnet by EPICS PLC

The EPICS fixed programmable logic controller (PLC) has been built up according to F3RP61-2L, a module of CPU PLC series of a FA-M3R operating OS of Linux. The IOC of EPICS existed in module of F3RP61-2L can access the sequence CPU modules registers and I/O modules of the PLC. The fixed EPICS PLC was affected to control the pulse magnet power supply prototype and support the functionality of testing remotely. The system contains a variety of input/output modules and a module of CPU with the interface of built-in Ethernet. The control information such as status of the power supply, read/write voltage, warn up, reset, ON, OFF, etc. can be contacted remotely using the client tools of EPICS. The EDM is chosen to build up the GUI for itself. Efforts are summarized in this article.

The TPS or defined as Taiwan Photon Source is a synchrotron light source of 3 GeV which is being in building at campus of NSRRC. The TPS pulse magnets include of booster extraction kicker and septum, booster injection septum and kicker, ring diagnostic storage of kickers (pingers), ring injection storage of kickers and septum in the lists of key factors of TPS pulse magnets kicker and septum. The IOC of EPICS fixed PLC, IOC of F3RP61-2L, was taken for the model of pulse magnet power supply control. The IOC of F3RP61-2L is packed in, easier to troubleshooting, and effective to the cost for power supply control of pulse magnet. The power supply of pulse magnet (pulser) needs small quantity of I/O points consequently the IOC of F3RP61-2L is more appropriate against with the functions of the TPS standard platform of 6U Compact PCI with the high density of I/O.

The toolkit of EPICS was taken up for the TPS control system framework. A characteristic PLC in the control environment is managed by a remote of IOC throughout Ethernet connections or serial link. It requires more work for increasing both side of control software evaluated by using F3RP61-2L IOC. The EPICS IOC fixed F3RP61-2L is expanded by team of RIKEN and KEK which simply the PLC control framework. The EPICS sequencer can substitute the function of ladder programs. The CPU module of F3RP61-2L can purpose as the EPICS base and the modules of access I/O. The method to access the PLC I/O module is “VME-like“ without ladder programming and a divided IOC. These are the advantages of the IOC of F3RP61-2L.


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