Sunday, July 31, 2011

Services of GEM4Tools SECS PLC

GEM4Tools comprises a starter application, which gives a fundamental graphical user interface that realizes all GEM-required user interactions; you can begin GEM communications, upload/download recipes, set host control, and so on. On the other hand, you can set in GEM capabilities effortlessly into your system using a flexible and straightforward API that runs in any environment of COM-enabled. To expand your equipment’s capabilities ahead of the GEM standard, you can also utilize the API to write custom services as required. And established for more than a decade.

GEM4Tools is a steady and production established appliance in the field for more than a decade and established on over 500 tool examples. Whether your equipment is employed for batch processing or single substrate, back-end processes, or metrology, GEM4Tools brings the functionality you require, consistently and efficiently.

GEM4Tools is developed on three main components, which make simpler design and implementation, reduce maintenance overhead, and improve reliability.

Communication driver of SECS
The communication driver of SECS gives the interface of equipment-to-host, automatically managing all SECS-II host communications and messages required by the services of GEM. GEM4Tools supports both the HSMS and SECS-I standards, for TCP/IP Ethernet® or RS-232 serial connectivity to the plant MES.

Services of GEM4Tools SECS
The services of SECS communicate with the OPC server equipment and handle all logic and messaging as identified by the standard of GEM. Every service communicates to a GEM capability, and realizes all scenarios identified for that capability. If your tools has functionality that exceed the standard of GEM, you can utilize the GEM4Tools API to make your own custom services, in any language of COM-enabled (Component Object Model), including .NET.

The database of GEM4Tools saves all configuration of GEM and runtime information for the services of SECS. It allows you easily and quickly characterize your tools define the status variables, collection events, alarms, and equipment stables it supports. You can allow GEM capabilities, modify your HSMS or SECS-I communication parameters at any time, and modify your characterization of equipment, simply by update the database.

Select which protocol the tools will use to correspond with the host of SECS-I or HSMS, and configure needed settings. Choose the capabilities of GEM you want to realize immediately. Allow only the services you require, with the freedom to allow others whenever they’re required. Characterize your tools by charting the OPC Items accessible in your equipment’s OPC Server with the suitable SECS-II data items, involving status variables, alarms, collection events, and equipment constants. GEM4Tools handles all SECS-II messaging automatically once you construct the required data items.

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