Friday, July 1, 2011

Simple Logic with Inputs and Outputs of TEP PLC

This article will cover the use of TEP PLC software while representing some simple Ladder Logic. If you have not done so, install the software by operating setup.exe from the CD included.
• Operate the software in the normal way. When loaded, you will see the screen with a Tool Box and area of design.
• Click the File menu and choose New, you need to start a new document before you can begin creating program of Ladder Logic.

The Tool Box has a selection a variety symbol of Ladder Logic s as well as a cursor icon at the top. The current symbol is drawn in blue. Click the left button mouse in the design area will put the currently selected Tool Box symbol in the program of Ladder Logic. If the cursor is the current tool, symbols can selected in the design area and removed by clicking the delete key.
• Choose the symbol of LOAD from the Tool Box by clicking the left button mouse on it.
• Move the cursor to the location of upper left in the program of Ladder Logic and left click to put the symbol of LOAD. The position of cursor is always shown by a square blue.
• Then choose the symbol of OUT from the Tool Box.
• Move to the location of upper right in the program of Ladder Logic and left click to put the symbol of OUT.

Whenever a symbol of OUT is located on the right hand side of the program of Ladder Logic, the software should fill automatically a horizontal connection to the left. If it does not, you will need to connect manually the symbols of LOAD and OUT by picking the symbol of Horizontal from the Tool Box and filling the space between LOAD and OUT. At this moment we have the arrange of our first program of Ladder Logic in place, we need to place the properties of the symbols of LOAD and OUT. In this moment we want LOAD to load the state of INPUT1 and OUT to adjust the state of OUTPUT1.
• Click the right button mouse on the symbol of LOAD, from the submenu Inputs, select INPUT1.
• You ought to see the text under the symbol of LOAD amend from UNSET to INPUT1.
• Do again the same steps on the symbol of OUT, choosing OUTPUT1 from the submenu of Outputs.


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