Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Software Installation Configuration of IPC@CHIP®

The IPC@CHIP® contains a management of built-in power fail. The data in the IPC@CHIP® keep area are stored to the flash when a power fail break off happens in case of a power outage. The boards of IPC@CHIP® have a power fail break off simulator pushing the button of "PFI" on each board for simulation. Please refer to the hardware manual of SC23 and the hardware manual respective of SC1x3 for the required capacitor of power supply for power fail management in an actual environment.

Installation Installation of PC Software:
• Install of software CoDeSys in your PC. You are proposed to download the newest version from the download center of Beck IPC.
• Extract the software archive of IPC@CHIP® and go into your board of IPC@CHIP® subdirectory such as DK61_PLC.
• Install the equivalent the Package of Target Support from the executing of the install.bat in the directory of TSP. The directory of TSP can be establish within the folder with the same name as the file of .xml Before you install this application on your IPC@CHIP® you must configure the controller.

Configuration of IPC@CHIP®:
• Install the @CHIPTOOL.
• Join ethernet cable and power supply to your board of IPC@CHIP®. Your development PC must be also linked to the similar ethernet.
• Begin the @CHIPTOOL. After a few seconds the @CHIPTOOL demonstrates your IPC@CHIP®.
• Open the menu of pop-up with a right button of mouse click on your IPC@CHIP® and select ‘IP Configuration’.
• Construct your IPC@CHIP®.

Software Installation of IPC@CHIP®:
• Open the pop-up menu of @CHIPTOOL with click the right button mouse on your IPC@CHIP® and select ‘FTP’.
• Enter username and password and then click on ‘Connect’
• Go into the directory of Image. The Image_a is enclosed within the IPC@CHIP® board subdirectory,
• Download all Image directory to the IPC@CHIP®.
• Lock the Window of @CHIPTOOL FTP-Client.
• Re-boot your IPC@CHIP®.

First time start:
• Begin CoDeSys and open the project file of for the equivalent board (e.g. DK61). The folder of IEC_PLC is enclosed within the of your IPC@CHIP® board subdirectory.
• Choose the Parameters of Online-Communication and menu point select either the link from a fallow serial port via cable of null modem using the baudrate settings: 38400, one stop bit, no parity, no Motorola byte and no flow control order. Plug in the cable of null modem to the serial interface of COM0(EXT) of the DK60, correspondingly COM2 for the DB54.

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