Monday, July 4, 2011

Tutorial Timers of TEP PLC

The TEP PLC presently offers 32 on-delay timers. It means the symbol of timer have to be true for a preset time before the timer itself switches on. Let’s begin with an easy example.
• Go into the program. The TIMER1 begins operation, When LOAD INPUT1 turns into true. It has missed the preset for the timer at 100. The times are calculated in hundredths of a second, so a preset of 100 equates to 1 second. After 1 second has passed TIMER1 switches on and the second rung switches OUTPUT1 on.
• Transfer the program to the PLC.
• Push and hold the button of INPUT1; after one second you ought to find OUTPUT1 switches on.
• Discharge the button of INPUT1; output one should switched off.

The timers are not snowballing, so if you grasp the button for INPUT1 down for half a second and let it goes, the timer will reset to its original state, and the preset value can be altered by clicking the right button mouse and then selecting Set value... from the menu, like counters. Now let’s attempt a more complex program. If you want an output to switch on one second after an input switch on, and you want it to remain for one second after that.

If you don’t want to have to keep down the input whereas this gets place so you will use an internal relay to “remember” that the input was for a moment on. You are also going to apply two divide timers, one to time the delay before the output switch on and one to run for the time you want the output to stay on.
• Go into the program. The first program rung applies a symbol of SET to switch on INTERNAL1 while LOAD INPUT1 is right. This indicates you don’t have to grasp the button for INPUT1 down.
• The second rung links LOAD INTERNAL1 to TIMER1. When INTERNAL1 has latched on, TIMER1 will work and will switch on after 1 second has left. When TIMER1 is on, the third rung switches on OUTPUT1 and also initiates TIMER2 operating.
• At the end, TIMER2 is on and the fourth rung switches off INTERNAL1 (with a symbol RESET). In the second rung LOAD INTERNAL1 turns into false. And switches off TIMER1. In the third rung LOAD TIMER1 turns into false switching off TIMER2 and OUTPUT1. The PLC has came back to its default state.

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