Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twido PLC Protocols

Twido PLC bases have one, or a second optional, serial port that is applied for real-time or services of system management. Four communications types can be applied with Twido controllers:
• Connection of AS-Interface bus
• Connection of CANopen fieldbus
• Connection of Ethernet Network
• Connection of Modem
The services of real-time offer the functions of data distribution for exchanging data with I/O devices and functions of messaging for communicating to external devices. The services of system management configure and manage the base throughout TwidoSuite. Moreover serial port is applied for any services but just serial port 1 is communicating with TwidoSuite. There are three protocols existing on every base, to provide these services:
• Modbus
• Remote Link

Additionally, the compact of TWDLC•sE40DRF bases attribute a fixed communications port of Ethernet RJ45 allow all the communications of real-time and system management tasks through the network. Ethernet communications realizes the following protocol:

AS-Interface Connection
The bus of AS-Interface is a level 0field bus, and can be applied to connect actuators/sensors. This enables discrete or type information of analog to operate between the master bus devices and type slave of sensor/actuator. AS-Interface is built up of three main basic elements:
• one or more slave devices such as sensors, actuators and others,
• a specific supply supplying a 30 VDC voltage,
• a master of bus.
These parts are interrelated by a two-wire cable dedicated to power supply and data transmission.

CANopen Fieldbus Connection
The architecture of CAN open a Twido system contains of:
• a Twido PLC 1,
• a master module of CANopen fieldbus installed on the expansion of Twido PLC’s bus2,
• CANopen slave of devices3,4.

1. The master module of TWDNCO1M CANopen is carried by the Twido base controllers as following:
• Compact bases: series of TWDLC-40DRF and TWDLC-A24DRF
• All bases of modular: series of TWDLMDA40- and TWDLMDA20-
2. Only 1 master module of TWDNCO1M CANopen can be installed on the expansion bus of Twido system.
3. The master module of TWDNCO1M CANopen can handle up to 16 devices of CAN slave on a single bus segment.
4. The fieldbus of TWDNCO1M CANopen does not support extensive addressing for devices of CANopen slave.
5. The bus baud rate depends on the bus length and the type of cable used. .

Ethernet Network Connection
Even though direct cable connection that is using an Ethernet crossover cable, is supported between the Twido TWDLCDE40DRF or TWDLCAE40DRF and the PC running of TwidoSuite programming software, it does not recommend it. Hence, you should always support a connection through an Ethernet network of hub/switch.


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