Monday, August 22, 2011

ABB AC 800M PLC Hardware and Software

The Industrial IT concept of ABB is a system family reliable with HMI, SCADA, controllers, and more the manufactured goods that can all be linked and custom-built from the similar station engineering.

The controller of AC 800M is a system of the modular based that can be included of units CPU of dissimilar presentation ranging from 48MHz to 96 MHz and sizes of memory 8Mb to 32Mb and cards of I/O with a dissimilar quantity inputs/outputs of analogue and digital, and different cards of the communication based on communication protocol to be applied. The fundamental line-up is a unit of CPU, a module of I/O and a power unit. The modules are installed on a rail that houses 2 buses of the internal communication. A bus for additional modules of I/O and the other bus is the bus of CEX for modules of communication for a variety of the protocols and the network types.

The environment of Software
The software system runs on the operating system off real time which is called as VxWorks. All the parameters from the user of program in the PLC can be recorded to the variables of MMS and they are accessible from both of the covering systems, systems of HMI on the station bus through connections of OPC and to the interface of user.

The interface of communication
All of the CPU units have 2 onboard interfaces of Ethernet for access to the Ethernet of Industrial. For access to the other protocols divide the cards of communication are connected in to the main of unit. The system of Product information 24 800M utilizes MMS for the communication between the linked tools over an interface of Ethernet.

The Industrial IT of ABB set be conventional to the programming languages of IEC 61131-3. Also the module language of ABB’s own control is accessible. This method of programming lets the user to mix up all the elements of IEC 61131-3 into the algorithms of pre-defined, to cover the logic of control. By saving these modules of control in a library system the solutions can be re-used through the whole automation system. The builder of control is device utilized to identify a project which is containing all the components of hardware in the system of automation, this is also where the programs user are compiled and written prior to they are relocated to the PLC.


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