Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make Simple Drive Programming of Allen-Bradley Drive-Tools 2000

As the Allen-Bradley Drive-Tools 2000 family’s element, the software of DriveExecutive is a great tool for Allen-Bradley drives managing, programming, and troubleshooting. The DriveExecutive version 2.01 modernizes diagnostics and drive setup with the source page of parameter link, the link and parameter Comparison Wizard, and the event page which shows information, diagnostic and other events. The links of parameter are mechanisms of software characteristically realized in full featured makes to give larger programmability. The properties of parameter link such as source and sink are identified in the firmware. The parameter link is an indicator in which users program parameters of sink to apply the source parameter value.

A new link source page has been added to the editing dialogue parameter to apply when drives troubleshooting in DriveExecutive version 2.01. This page gives all other parameters list that is connected to the chosen parameter source.

If the drive is not working well, you can utilize the parameter of DriveExecutive’s and Comparison Wizard link to evaluate present settings to those in a stored file to observe if any have modified. The wizard evaluates parameter links and values, demonstrate the results on a split page. The wizard can evaluate a tool to its factory defaulting or compare any two offline or online devices. Dissimilar any other assessment tool in the industry, the software of DriveExecutive has numerous Comparison Wizards that can be operated and used concurrently. This is particularly useful when diagnose numerous drives on a network. You can select the ‘back’ button and click comparison criteria with each comparison.

The defaulting results page gives divergences in parameters of read/write, but it also can be locate to display all parameters. You can amend the parameters for any tool using dialogues of parameter edit or a special command of copy from the results page.

The adapters of communication and other peripherals make ‘events’ about activities for example a network logging on and startups for control. These occasions can offer helpful information when analyze a system. The event page added to DriveExecutive 2.01 builds it simple to clear events, produce out the event queue or contact event help. A turn control at the top dialogue allows users pilot between the ports. When using the drives of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex, new analytical functions in evaluating the settings of a new tool to default or obtainable values, the Comparison Wizard helps drive setup. The DriveExecutive 2.01 supplies information to troubleshoot communications rapidly and data swap overd the network. You can show the real values of data link for the adapter of 20-COMM-D DeviceNet, such as, and one glimpse will speedily tell you if the trouble is at the network or elsewhere on the drive.


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