Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Personnel Safety System based PLC

This article discusses a new method of incorporating a set of commercially accessible, off-the-shelf hardware and software tools to build up a scalable platform of testing in order to give automated functional testing and augmented software test exposure for the Personnel Safety System (PSS). Many remarkable papers have been written on the testing software limitations. Usually, thorough nontrivial software testing is almost impossible because of state or input space explosion. These software testing limitations do not prevent testing but should be applied to formulate a confidence realistic level in the testing results. It is obvious by most software test coverage definitions that by increasing the coverage degree, the detecting probability more failures also raises. Therefore, the correction and discovery software errors generally leads to more reliable software.

Test coverage software metrics usually fall into two categories: requirements coverage or code related and function. This article uses the coverage of requirements as its software coverage metric. The coverage metric of requirement transmits to the level system functionality is tested. This article shows how the reliability of software is improved by rising requirements test coverage. Also, it is described how test coverage is enlarged with the automated test use platform called ARTS. This analysis data approach from periodic test results of functional a safety system called as PSS.

Even though the data approach from a safety system, it does not argue that reliability of software is identical to system safety. It is clear that software errors removing that are not told to safety, while not improving system safety, can raise the reliability of software. Nevertheless, for a code of modest-sized with mostly safety functionality, the overlap between system safety and software reliability is enlarged. Under these conditions the reliability of software is more highly interrelated to safety. Various models of the statistical including S-Shaped and Brooks-Motley, The growth of reliability are provided for assessment purposes and were use to assist with choosing the best model that fit of the data. As an automating result the testing of the PSS by ARTS, the PSS test coverage is projected to improve from 45% at the detail level to as high as 95% with an equivalent in software reliability improvement.

Description of PSS
The depicts a typical the control panels configuration of Station A of a system PSS. By definition a PSS is a fail-safe, redundant, highly reliable, stand-alone system of PLC-based that strictly controls personnel access into possible stations of hazardous experimental. The PSS is also dependable for sinking hazards to personnel from the radiation of direct X-ray from the APS.

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