Thursday, August 4, 2011

PLC in the Manufacturing Automation

While motion control technology of electric drives became accessible, the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) requirement with applications of power electronics in electric machines has been launched in the automation of manufacturing. This use gives benefits for example the capability to control motors and other tools with a practically unity factor of power and lower voltage drop when switched on. A lot of factories use PLCs in processes of automation to reduce production cost and to increase reliability and quality. Other functions comprise machine tools with enhanced accuracy computerized numerical control (CNC) because of the use of PLCs.

It is required to use the interfaced of PLCs with personal computers, power converters, and other electric tools to get precise drive systems of industrial electric. However, this builds the tools more complicated, compound, and expensive. Few articles were available concerning dc engines controlled by PLCs. They statement both the fuzzy method implementation for speed control of a dc generator or motor set with a PLC to amend the voltage of armature, and the integration of an adaptive controller according to the technology of self-tuning regulator into an obtainable industrial PLC. Also, other machines types were bordered with PLCs. Thus, a PLC of industrial was utilized for stepper motors controlling in a direction and speed, five-axis rotor position, sinking the circuit components number, lessening the cost, and reliability enhancing. For the reluctance motors switched as a possible option to adaptable pace drives of dc and ac, a single chip of logic controller for speed and torque controlling uses a PLC to realize the digital logic attached with a power controller.

Other application reported apprehensions a linear induction motor for elevators of passenger with a PLC accomplishing the drive system control and the data attainment. Two PLCs were utilized to decide the equipment to monitor the quality of power and recognize the interruptions that disturb production. The controller of power factor for an induction motor of three-phase uses PLC to develop the power factor and to maintain its voltage to constant of frequency ratio under the complete control situations. The control of vector incorporated circuit uses a CPLD (complex programmable logic device) and arithmetic integer for the regulation of current or voltage of three-phase inverters of pulse-width modulation.

A lot of appliances of induction motors need besides the functionality of motor control, the several handling of specific home signals, digital and analog I/O signals, on/off/reverse commands, trip signals,. In some cases, a control unit relating a PLC has to be added to the structure of system.

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