Friday, August 12, 2011

Programmable Logic Controller Implementation in ISAC Radioactive Beam Facility

The source test of ISAC ion set at TRIUMF was utilized to realize a prototype control system in research for the beam facility of ISAC radioactive. The test place contains of an electrostatic beam line with an analyzing magnet, an ion source, and a variety of equipment beam diagnostic. The system of control was realized using the toolkit of EPICS. It incorporates three systems: a PLC industry for ion source and vacuum control, a set of power supply controllers distributed a beam control of CAN-bus networks, and the systems of beam diagnostics which was realized in CAMAC for historical and cost reasons. Knowledge with EPICS, integration issues and necessary extensions will be explained.

ISAC is a new facility of radioactive beam at TRIUMF. Protons from the cyclotron of TRIUMF 500Mev will beat one of two targets of hot underground. The consequential radioactive isotopes of beams short lived are analyzed in a transported and mass separator to whichever low energy researches or to an accelerator of Drift-Tube-Linac or RFQ. These short lived isotopes beams are utilized for studies of nuclear reaction, in exacting in the nuclear astrophysics field after acceleration. In sequence to test and characterize types of different target-ion-sources before use in ISAC, a test facility of ion source was built up.

The machine of ISAC is only insecurely coupled to the accessible accelerator of TRIUMF. It was consequently potential to think a non-evolutionary, new advance for the design of control system. The test of ion source stand appeared to present a perfect opportunity to construct a system of prototype control in order to authenticate an EPICS based concept. Combining the collaboration of EPICS assured to decrease internal improvement and overall system costs.

The facility of test contains of an electrostatic beam line with 6 quadrupoles, the ion source at 60 kV potential, and several steering elements, an examining magnet, and a variety of equipment of beam diagnostic such as wire scanners, faraday cups, and stations of admittance measurement. This converts into a control system with around 300 hardware I/O channels, approximately 10% the initial ISAC control system projected size.

The assessment to design this system of prototype control based on EPICS was finished easier by the reality that the majority of the required infrastructure was already in place so that no main start-up costs were acquired. For year number, vxWorks kernel and 680x0 based CPUs have been applied at TRIUMF by the group of data acquisition and for development of embedded systems in the group.


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