Saturday, September 10, 2011

ABB PLC System Implementation

ABB are presently operating a project to realize IEC 61850 into their system of automation. How this will be executed is not determined by ABB yet, but it will be realized on a divide card of communication with one of the two code source accomplishment of IEC 61850. The interface between the IEC 61850 and controller is the planning of data items in IEC 61850 to the process charges saved in the controller memory.

AC 800M Design alternative
The ABB of communication card are expanding does not healthy the requisites for Vattenfall, while ABB not will apply the whole IEC 61850functionality. The expansion environment for communications card of ABB is the Tornado by Windriver Inc. This releases a chance for Vattenfall to execute and test the IEC 61850 server functionality that are needed by the controller of turbine with no reliance from development project of ABB. For additional development of this card of communication into a whole product, Vattenfall could whichever contract ABB with their research program of customer funded or by in-house development. The constraints for this would be:

• PLC system of ABB AC800M
• Communication module of SM810

• Communication stack and server application Software package.
• The communication card of TCP/IP stack.

• Environment of Tornado development / environment of ABB development from Windriver Inc.
• Control builder of ABB

The package software would be realized on a split communication card including the stack of TCP/IP. The package of software including the realization of the ACSI with it’s nodes of logical and attributes of data and would be connected to the parameters in the controller user program. The encoding to data format of IEC 61850 is offered by the application server that is presented by the package of software.

ABB is not support regarding the environment development is accessible. How to identify the data objects mapping in the node of logical to the parameters user in the PLC, while the parameters requires to be available for both write and read for both the server and the user application.

Results Expected:
A successful consequence would establish the AC 800M because a possible controller of turbine comprising an interface of IEC 61850 for potential turbine controllers installations. For the modern controller of turbine this implementation type could be utilized as a gateway by linking the AC800M to the PLC S7-300 with Ethernet or Profibus and construct the application of controller in the AC800M to regularly read all values of process from the system of S7-300.


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