Sunday, September 11, 2011

Design alternatives PLC System of IEC 61850 Gateway

The requirements design alternatives that were measured during the phase of implementation have to be to realize the server of communication with no interfere with the application of user that handles the routines of controller. To perform this, the server have to whichever be executed on a divide card of communications, or as an submission in an environment of multi-tasking. In sequence to bring in one of the IEC 61850 source code is a need for a compiler of C supporting the hardware on which the source code shall be compiled. The data of process that are created by the application of controller needs to be distributed with applications placed in diverse devices, at the same time this data have to be accessible to be exchanged by other protocols than IEC 61850. The ACSI is the “connection” between the application of controller that generates the process data that requires to be contacted by other tools, these tools utilizes different protocols of communication. The services offered by the ACSI have to be realized by means of the model of OSI, where every protocol gives services to the overlying protocol and applies the services offered by the protocol. The implementation of SCSM is the protocol load up utilized by definite protocols similar to Profibus or IEC 61850 for example.

In sequence to perform this with no interfering with the application of controller itself, the protocol load have to be implemented on a divide card of communications or in an environment of multi-task where the environment permits special threads to be processed prioritized. PLC’s does not present an environment of multitasking, so the alternative is to realize the stack of communication on a divide card of communication. The ACSI have to be realized as the interface between the card of communication and the controller where every realized data element on the card of communication can be “connected” to a particular memory position or I/O address in the PLC memory. As the PLC recognizes nothing of the semantics of name the protocols but rather just the address of memory for every parameter in the application of controller, the conversation from the IEC 61850 data name into the PLC memory position have to be converted in the card of communication. The implementation of server does not require to be configurable user as a controller of turbine only will have a convinced function and that function will not amend over time. This means that the conversion between PLC parameters and IEC 61850 data attributes into the position of memory where each PLC parameter value is saved can be arranged before the server compilation. So if a server is probable to realize on a system of PLC, all of the nodes of logical and data objects can be described from the beginning.

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